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That's why MMA!

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  1. Mike's Email
    Mike's Email
    Годину таму

    Brandao looks enormous. He used to be a really little guy in his UFC days.

  2. Abdulaziz Öztunç
    Abdulaziz Öztunç
    Годину таму

    Biji anta delaja💚💛❤

  3. J. Nico
    J. Nico
    Годину таму

    When is Kitaoka gonna realize when to let go of those leg locks!

    Годину таму

    Diego vs khabib

  5. юлия матвеева
    юлия матвеева
    Годину таму

    Хант выиграл чудом. К-1 это не его профиль с его антропометрией. Там нужно хорошо бить ногами. Просто прижал Баннера к канатам и расплехал. А тому отходить было некуда.

  6. Hchom Mohamed
    Hchom Mohamed
    2 години таму


  7. Georgy Krasnokutskiy
    Georgy Krasnokutskiy
    2 години таму

    What the fuck are those shoes?😂😂😂

  8. Kevin Berger
    Kevin Berger
    2 години таму

    Good old days when they didn’t test for roids...

  9. Jalfun جال فن
    Jalfun جال فن
    2 години таму

    Show off pays 😂👌🏼

  10. Gl San
    Gl San
    2 години таму

    19 year old boy? His an adult at 19 years old.

  11. Ruli Rules
    Ruli Rules
    2 години таму

    Is that trump?

  12. Trevor Martinz
    Trevor Martinz
    2 години таму

    Tortous tight 😂😂😂

  13. jackson ferreira
    jackson ferreira
    2 години таму

    o bixo o que tem de tamanho tem de ruindade,pelo o estilo já vi que não ia dá certo esse ai kkkk crazy house falso,intendedores intenderam

  14. Володимир Татарін
    Володимир Татарін
    2 години таму


  15. McKie Robert
    McKie Robert
    2 години таму

    love the

  16. Stefano Murgia
    Stefano Murgia
    2 години таму

    Was he a soldier?

  17. jason jeffries
    jason jeffries
    2 години таму

    We are laying on each other and breathing heavy,We have to throw slow,short punches or else this will seem weird

  18. Leo PE
    Leo PE
    2 години таму

    this is synthol.

  19. Henk Chierkoet
    Henk Chierkoet
    2 години таму

    Both terrible bad fighters

  20. MrSprintcat
    3 години таму

    L freak show . Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus

  21. mustapha bouchikhi
    mustapha bouchikhi
    3 години таму

    Dino's roos Demis rosos

  22. Fabio Bongini
    Fabio Bongini
    3 години таму

    I've counted 10 ad. to disturbe my vision. Congratulations to youtube

  23. James Wilkes
    James Wilkes
    3 години таму

    A bully in the US, can't stand his ground in a free country! Yankee wanker.

  24. 1982sparkie
    3 години таму

    satoru on drugs????

  25. specie44
    3 години таму


  26. Ryan Hughes
    Ryan Hughes
    3 години таму

    👎 dead fight

  27. Hugo Mr4
    Hugo Mr4
    3 години таму

    Gabi Garcia = FREAK show

  28. Nemere Nemerre
    Nemere Nemerre
    3 години таму

    Ez a kèt dromedar férfiakat is leverne.

  29. Charles Deshler
    Charles Deshler
    3 години таму

    3 lightning bolts right on the button! BINK! BINK! BINK!!!

  30. McLaren Lamb
    McLaren Lamb
    3 години таму

    His father forgot to show up to the fight, so he grounded him.

  31. karim mendil
    karim mendil
    4 години таму

    C'est l artiste par excellence le meilleur merci ali tu es le plus grand

  32. 傑特傑特
    4 години таму


  33. Walter Wipf
    Walter Wipf
    4 години таму

    Serves him right Yeah

  34. Nelmyr Monteiro
    Nelmyr Monteiro
    4 години таму

    Si gabi soubesse dar soco venceria até homem

  35. Думан Каримолдин
    Думан Каримолдин
    4 години таму


  36. twisterwiper
    4 години таму

    Brave kid

  37. Sky Crain
    Sky Crain
    4 години таму

    That boy fight like a man lol

  38. Олег Гриднев
    Олег Гриднев
    4 години таму

    Жёстко, но красиво.

  39. Bulma Bond
    Bulma Bond
    4 години таму

    Bravo kid !

  40. Kelly O'Shea
    Kelly O'Shea
    4 години таму

    What are those marks/spots on his shoulders and back??

  41. Vilis1337
    4 години таму

    LOL that wanna be Soviet clown with hammer and sicle tattoo got his ass handed to him by a supreme orthodox Chad

  42. Alex Reyna
    Alex Reyna
    4 години таму

    He dropped a giant ! Fel like a 🌳

  43. james coull
    james coull
    4 години таму

    Brandoa is defo more crazy. Not many people more crazy than Kitoaka .

  44. Shami 777 OFFICIAL
    Shami 777 OFFICIAL
    4 години таму

    Great legend Salute from Pakistan

  45. The Roasting Stalker
    The Roasting Stalker
    4 години таму

    Well he ain't super now

  46. ugn669
    4 години таму

    C'mon Rizin, if you can't afford a cage on your own start a kickstarter, we'll gladly help out to stop the silliness.

  47. кот котофеич
    кот котофеич
    4 години таму

    просмотрел несколько боев немкова ) почему у него противники всегда здоровее его?) там что по весовым нет ограничений)

  48. Daisy
    4 години таму

    Amazing! Love It!

  49. hassan dikman
    hassan dikman
    4 години таму

    Not just older but on steroid ....

  50. Gela Gurjy
    Gela Gurjy
    5 годин таму


  51. Roberto Junior
    Roberto Junior
    5 годин таму

    Russo 90% óleo de deca durabolin

  52. Laurentiu Dinca
    Laurentiu Dinca
    5 годин таму

    Oh damn... he's gone... but he was winning the fight!

  53. Lidia Alvez
    Lidia Alvez
    5 годин таму

    Dos grandes del boxeo Mike tuvo su epoca todo pasa y surgen otros mejores

  54. Larry Weiss
    Larry Weiss
    5 годин таму

    Why is Daron not a UFC star????

  55. Beso boss
    Beso boss
    5 годин таму

    еее. не. тот. федор.

  56. John Ritter
    John Ritter
    5 годин таму

    I think this guy is the worst fighter I've seen. Aside from getting tatoos, I don't think he has any skills. Why does he step into any ring?

  57. Noah
    5 годин таму

    That kiss at the end xD

    1. Marc
      5 годин таму


  58. Fettahelmesbahi Elmesbahi
    Fettahelmesbahi Elmesbahi
    5 годин таму

    أحسن مباره في العالم

  59. #Manwithacamera
    5 годин таму

    Nah sorry but is no way that is a women not a chance in this world

  60. Alessandro Gambino
    Alessandro Gambino
    5 годин таму

    Hahahahahaha what a dumbass.

  61. Маргарита Енина
    Маргарита Енина
    5 годин таму

    Фёдор, самый лучший💪, мы тебя любим❤

  62. fredirecko
    5 годин таму

    I like his composure after he won. He didn’t overreact and that shows a lot for a 19 year old. Well done

  63. Йоханнесбург
    6 годин таму

    красавчик болел за него.

  64. sohail abdul
    sohail abdul
    6 годин таму

    Is this a fight video or injury inspection video

  65. Sam Quinn
    Sam Quinn
    6 годин таму

    Big man deserved to loose, lil man went to touch gloves at start and big man tried to ko him

  66. Jonathan Rekash
    Jonathan Rekash
    6 годин таму

    I was NOT expecting that. Thought Hulk would get submitted. Great show Hulk! Instant fan!!

  67. Vladimir Krasnov
    Vladimir Krasnov
    6 годин таму

    Жёсткий был бой ..... Я не знаю.... , кто бы из наших боксёров....устоял бы......

  68. Jozsef Kiss
    Jozsef Kiss
    6 годин таму


  69. Kamlin Kilgroe
    Kamlin Kilgroe
    6 годин таму

    quarrys only chance would have been to bite him and go for the crotch.

  70. Jozsef Kiss
    Jozsef Kiss
    6 годин таму


  71. Aman Dosaly
    Aman Dosaly
    6 годин таму


  72. José carlos Custodio
    José carlos Custodio
    6 годин таму

    Verdadeiro roubo uma vergonha

  73. Jam
    6 годин таму

    I thought his name was Dio Brando for a second.

  74. Mambet Rozumov
    Mambet Rozumov
    6 годин таму


  75. Hebert Trujillo
    Hebert Trujillo
    6 годин таму

    En qué año fué ésa Pelea???

  76. anatol könig
    anatol könig
    7 годин таму

    Закат японского солнца в ручную..!!!

  77. spywhale
    7 годин таму

    Lewis understood how crooked the referees are that's why in his whole boxing career he only went down twice. He had to be extra cautious not to get knocked down here is standing and the ref counts him out. Ive seen many fights where opponents are getting killed and ref still let's them back into the fight. Off memory against Lewis / Goloto,Tyson, Briggs ,Bruno and many more fights where the opponent was either taking a beating our knocked down and the ref let them continue fighting but if Lewis maybe slipped the ref would count him out. So Lewis was never knocked out only knocked down.